Re: [README] [IMPORTANT] rep-gtk and gtk+3

Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:

> Hi fine folks,
> so GTK+ 3.0 will be in town around middle of September. Sawfish 3.0 which is *currently*
> scheduled for June 2011 will be using it (or rather GTK+ 3.2 which is released in March
> 2011). Either way: the glue-code generator for rep-gtk is rather ugly.
> So there are two opportunities (actually there are three, but the third is rejected):
> a) port g-wrap to librep and get bindings to c-apps easily. Difficulty ****, examples:
> only g-wrap itself.

IIRC g-wrap is more or less unmaintained now so this is probably a bad
idea (Guile 2.0 has a dynamic FFI built in based upon libffi).

> b) glue librep and gobject-introspection (gis) and get bindings to gis-using apps easily
> (basically everything gnome-related). Difficulty **, examples: python-gtk, gtkmm (and
> maybe other bindings) already gis, so we may learn from them.

I'd take a look to what guile-gnome is doing as well.

> Well I would prefer b). The problem is: the missing manpower. So this is also a call to
> contributors. (ehh.. to YOU - YOU there and YOU (who want's to leave the show now))
> Just to complete the list: c) would be switching to GUILE. Rejected. There are various
> reason for rejecting the switch. (...)

Actually, is there any reason to not retarget librep onto the guile-vm?
By this I mean, if patches were to magically appear would they be

By targetting the Guile VM REP would gain the ability to call Guile
functions... Scheme and REP are similar enough that it seems
straightforward enough (the only hairy issue is probably nil as false --
but Guile has a sort-of solution to this now for the emacs-lisp compiler
by having a special #nil value that satisfies both false? and
null?... ugly from a type theoretic standpoint but multi-language
support is in the early stages).

I'm familiar enough with the Guile internals to do this, but I've yet to
really look around librep.

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