Re: Questionnaire 3 on Sawfish usage

Am Sat, 07 Aug 2010 07:47:34 +0900 (JST)
schrieb Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>:

> Hi, here comes the third questionnaire on Sawfish usage.
> The previous results are summarized at:
> 1. What's your theme? Any comments on Sawfish theme?

Dark-Tabbed (with 5 btns on each side)

> 2. Why you switched to Sawfish? Is there any feature lacking in
>    Sawfish, but was present in your previous window manager?
>    (a question by Alexey Froloff. Sorry Alexey for postponing a year.)

Because MetaCity was (well still is) totally feature-free. Mutter (MCity 3) though will
add extensibility by plugins, but well how many years after Sawfish got that feature?
So practically there isn't any feature in Sawfish that may lack compared to MCity.

Another reason was that I found it strange what happened to my WM. I was 14 when I first
installed a linux distro (the so-ultra-hard-to-install Debian/Woody) which came with
GNOME 1.x and therefore Sawfish, upgrading much later to Sarge gave me GNOME 2.x with
MCity. I didn't know what happened but after some investigation I got to know that I was
forced to use a feature-free WM. Since I also found out that Sawfish was in koma I
decided to stay at MCity atleast now. But then finally Janeck came to rescue me,
recovered Sawfish and I'm happy again. Also just using Sawfish increases your L337-Level
by 10. :D

> 3. What's your trayer, if you're using Sawfish standalone?
>    (by Daniel Fetchinson)

I used to use trayer when it was standalone, but I'm now using gnome-panel (in GNOME).

> 4. How do you switch the window? After all, it's the window manager. :)

Alt-TAB forward, Ctrl-TAB backward and some more combinations, practially seldom used.

> 5. Do you switch the screen resolution? If so, tell us your related
>    hacks, or what you want there.

Just for testing the hook or edge-flip. (Or a fullscreen-game that changes it on it's
own, but that doesn't effect Sawfish & Co.)

> By the way, please add any of your wish items on "Long term todos"
> page on the wiki:
> Remember that what's difficult for you may be a minutes-hack for
> else. (Rarely, but we've actually seen such cases.)


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