Re: [SF] Questionnaire 3 on Sawfish usage

On Sat, Aug 07, 2010 at 07:47:34AM +0900, Teika Kazura wrote:

> 1. What's your theme? Any comments on Sawfish theme?

mxflat.  I used to use Zen theme.  I do not use any
borders/decorations, only the keyboard and, occasionally,
the mouse.

> 2. Why you switched to Sawfish? Is there any feature lacking in
>    Sawfish, but was present in your previous window manager?
>    (a question by Alexey Froloff. Sorry Alexey for postponing a year.)

It happened long ago (in RH9 or so) and had find no WM as lean
and versatile.

> 3. What's your trayer, if you're using Sawfish standalone?
>    (by Daniel Fetchinson)

None, I use gnome-panel.

> 4. How do you switch the window? After all, it's the window manager. :)

Keyboard shortcuts.  Alt-[0-9] or Alt-[left-right] arrow to
switch workspaces.  Alt-TAB to focus windows.  Alt-F5 to iconify
(seldom needed).  Ctrl-Alt-arrows for packing windows.

> 5. Do you switch the screen resolution? If so, tell us your related
>    hacks, or what you want there.


Hope it helps.


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