Re: Resizing Windoe

alan17b0 gmail com (2010-08-04 at 1012.50 -0400):
> Occasionally I go to a URL which displays _huge_ and the
> bottom of the display is below my actual screen size.  So I
> can't "grab" the bottom somewhere to resize.   The worst
> thing is: the browser window stays the same size even
> when I visit some other site. How can I resize easily>

Hehehe, browsers... I forgot when I added the following config:

In .sawfish/rc:
(bind-keys window-keymap "H-m" '(gsr-resize-window-to-dimensions 1024 768))

In .sawfish/lisp/gsr/misc.jl:
  ;; Custom fixed resize, great for stupid NS and ever more stupid websites
  (define (gsr-resize-window-to-dimensions x y)
    "Resize the current window to the specified dimensions"
    (resize-window-with-hints* (current-event-window) x y))

  (define-command 'gsr-resize-window-to-dimensions
    #:spec "NX:\nNY:"
    #:type '(and (labelled "X:" (number 100))
                 (labelled "Y:" (number 100))))

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