Resizing Windoe

Occasionally I go to a URL which displays _huge_ and the
bottom of the display is below my actual screen size.  So I
can't "grab" the bottom somewhere to resize.   The worst
thing is: the browser window stays the same size even
when I visit some other site. How can I resize easily>

I have a "work-around": shut down Iceweasel and rerun it as
       iceweasel -safe-mode .
But I hope that sawfish can give me a way to resize my
iceweasel window, without hassle.

I run Debian etch, and use neither Gnome nor KDE.

TIA for anticipated help.

Alan McConnell, in Silver Spring MD

  Check out:   ;  and then help us,
  with money or volunteering, if you live in the D.C. area.

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