Re: [VOTE] Moving to


1. We should stick to the current ML, since many silent readers are
there. We've seen many times they sometimes pop out, and do tremendous
contributions. By changing ML, we're likely to cut off, or at least
reduce much this potential.

2. One good thing Gnome has is translation. This must be difficult to
get elsewhere. At least in this point we need contact with Gnome,
rather than saying final farewell.

On Sun, 27 Sep 2009 19:43:09 +0200, GSR - FR wrote:
> That you will win about adding accounts,


On Sun, 27 Sep 2009 22:09:41 +0200, GSR - FR wrote:
> is really needed to move everything? Maybe only just git (and bugs?)
> should move [...]

I think so too. I see account issue. Chris, you don't like current 
bugzilla? How?

For me, the Gnome bugzilla is slow, but transition labor to other
bug-tracking hosts terrifies me more than to stay.

4. Github vs Gitorious
I have only two-day experience in gitorious, but it seems to me that
github has far more help pages than gitorious. I chose gitorious
because I like to de-centralize. Today github is so popular. (So I
hate google, though it's the only search engine I use.)

じゃ (Japanese: bye. pronunciation: jar in English is ok.)
Teika (Teika kazura)

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