Re: Removing old cruft

On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 7:42 AM, Christopher Roy Bratusek
<zanghar freenet de> wrote:

> The removal of those outdated, don't-use-them-anymore gnome-libraries is
> called Project Ridley. Actually sawfish still uses two of those
> libraries: esound and libaudiofile.
> So: what should we use instead? Raw Alsa, PulseAudio, x?

Maybe the effort is too large (and this suggestion too obvious) but
consider NOT programming sawfish directly against any one sound system
but instead come up with an abstract API that expresses what features
sawfish needs from a sound system (probably it isn't much more than
"play this file right now"?).  Then implement this API against
whatever backends are currently popular.  At compile time the build
should select/determine what backend(s) to compile and at run time,
sawfish should determine which one to load.

Anyways, enough armchair designing....


PS: thanks for keeping sawfish going!

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