Re: Removing old cruft

> So with removing libgnome/libgnomeui/libgnomecanvas/libglade from
> rep-gtk and sawfish a whole bunch of old gnome-cruft has been removed.
> The removal of those outdated, don't-use-them-anymore gnome-libraries is
> called Project Ridley. Actually sawfish still uses two of those
> libraries: esound and libaudiofile.
> So: what should we use instead? Raw Alsa, PulseAudio, x?

AFAIK Pulse Audio is the de facto standard these days, so I'd go with that.

> User: But I would like to keep using esound, PA doesn't make any beep on
> my system T_T
> Dev: ( define-special-variable play-sample-program "/usr/bin/esd" ),
> sawfish will then use ESD, I'm just speaking of the built-in stuff.

Sounds good!

> so Vote on what to use for built-in audio-support


> Another thingy is imlib1 ... I would like to move to imlib2. imlib1 is
> unsupported for years, and imlib2 is much better, AFAIK.



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