Project idea on "Big one hook"

Hi. This can be a project for 3.0.

Currently, each module independently puts their functions on hooks.
So, it is quite obscure both for users and developers what is
processed, e.g., when a window is mapped.

So, if "big one hook" like (add-hook 'before-add-window-hook
system-before-add-window) replaces all system hooked functions in
before-add-window-hook, and `system-add-window' is coded somewhere
with comments like "before changing focus, prepare xxx", then birds
eye view is there. Those who want a hack can tell what should be
done. When you want to put something on a hook, you can easily choose
whether it goes at the head or the tail of the hook.

There's nicety in Sawfish initialization; some open/require can break
Sawfish, and it's difficult to tell when it happens. This project may
be challenging, but I think it's possible, at least for some hooks.

What do you think?

Teika (Teika kazura)

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