[README] Need two teams for working on sawfish (also for non-developers)

Hi all,

I've thought on how sawfish could be improved further ... so I came up
with two ideas:


We need one team improved the code. Improving the code does not mean the
code itself, it means to improve the coding-style for better
readabilitly (also remove all whitespace, as changes in it break patches
easily). Theoretically this can be done by anyone, as it does not
involve real code-changes. So is there anyone willing to volounteer,
this is considered a long-term task beginning asap and ending with 3.0

While it would be nice to at least have one person in the team with good
lisp-knowledge, as I'm sure it may also lead to some (small) bugs beeing


Better strings and command-names. sawfishs strings and naming scheme is
a mess. This teams work is split in two:

Sawfish 1.x: only doing string changes and renaming internal variables.

Sawfish 3.0: renaming commands & co. Ignore compatibility for 3.0

What do you think and who would like to volounteer?


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