Boost in prompts

Hi  I've launched a new thread for prompt future, going apart from
compiler problem which is in the existing thread.

Jeremy, what you've achieved must have fascinated all who read it!  We
may be at the dawn of Sawfish golden age ... superb.

Because it's so great, we don't have to stick to the current code and
API, or rather, let's forget the current one, and replace it. It's
true that the existing one is not best. You don't have to fear
incompatibilities; they are not difficult to fix once recognized.
File structures can be changed. Code is there to materialize what's
needed.  What matters is the quality of Sawfish.

Because Jeremy seems to have done most of what he needs, it may not be
so difficult, nor accompany big changes as I guessed first. But we
need to know where to go first before we set off. So, Jeremy, will you
mind outlining more on what and how your prompts offer, and how they
are implemented? Explanation will deepen your own understanding, and
calling attention can pull in further ideas. 

It is far better to set an appropriate goal first and go in that
direction directly than to pile things up, even if it needs big
rewritements. Jeremy's patch already looks like a big step, but we can
set a higher target, if necessary, by ignoring the current code.

Because currently prompt is bug free (mostly?) and not so much used,
we don't have to haste. It's ok that it doesn't finish by early Dec.
(1.6 will be released at the end of this Dec.) If necessary,
development can be done in a new branch.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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