Re: [patch] sawfish.wm.util.prompt

Am Samstag, den 19.09.2009, 15:41 -0500 schrieb Jeremy Hankins: 
> Here's the promised patch to the prompt stuff.  Helper functions are
> passed directly to prompt rather than via special variables, and the
> prompt module should generally be more self-contained.  I also added a
> docstring to the prompt function, and there's some minor cleanup.
> NOTE: This does break backward-compatibility for third-party stuff that
> uses prompt with completion.  I don't know how much of that there is out
> there: if it's just using prompt-for-string there wont be a problem;
> it's only a problem if the code was using the old method to pass
> completion functions, etc.  The only scripts on the wiki I know of that
> do that are:
>  - prext, the (badly named and not completely working) module to access
>    menus via prompt.
>  - run-application
>  - run-application-ng
> None of these would be hard to adapt if this patch strikes folks as a
> good idea.

First of all, I've commited your other patch (to revert non-working
stuff + shut up compiler), I haven't yet tested your patch, but I'll do
so the next days. Though comments from other people would be nice.


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