Re: [patch] sawfish.wm.util.prompt

Matthew Love <matth love gmail com> writes:

> Apparently, I forgot to update prompt-extras, which rename-window
> calls, to the new definition of those functions from prompt.
> Updated now and all in working order :)

First, it looks like prompt-for-file and prompt-for-directory need to be
updated too -- if `existing' is false then `prompt-validation-fun' is

But I also have a concern about the original patch.  If I understand
what's going on, instead of testing to see if there is, e.g., a
validation/completion/whatever function provided, it actually calls it
to see if it returns non-nil.  But there are times when calling the
function may be expensive.  A common example might be accessing the
filesystem, though caching may handle that case adequately, I don't
know.  But I also have stuff that completes on menu entries, which could
conceivably involve calling multiple other functions to expand submenus
-- some of which (if I ever get it working right) may even involve
communicating with other apps to fill in the menu.  Is there a way to
silence the compiler warnings that doesn't involve extra calls to the
prompt-*-fun functions?

Sorry I didn't say something when the patch first passed through the

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>
PGP fingerprint: 748F 4D16 538E 75D6 8333  9E10 D212 B5ED 37D0 0A03

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