fdo-menu breaks when LC_ALL unset & code suggestion

Hi. Matthew, can you fix these?

1. The sawfish doesn't run if LC_ALL isn't set. There're several cases.
 a: When LC_ALL is not set at all, then it says:
    error--> (void-value name-string)
 b: When "LC_ALL=", then
    error--> (bad-arg #<subr substring> 2 3)
 c: (maybe a polymorph of b) "LC_ALL=foo",
    error--> (bad-arg #<subr substring> 5 3)

This seems to differ from what Jeremy reported.

2. Code suggestion:
"defvar" and "defun" make globals. For local symbols, could you
replace them with "define", Like (define var-foo), and
(define (foo-func arg1 arg2)) ? 

"unless batch-mode" seems peculiar to me, too, but not sure.

Gee, fdo-menu is great. Astonishing. Thanks a lot.
Teika (Teika kazura)

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