Re: Secondary keyboard layout on Fedora 11

Hi. After I switch the keyboard group, then grabbing ret in sawfish-ui
results in Button7-ret. But after trying Timo's patch which reverts
buttons 6-9 support[1], grabbing window says "-RET".

(cf. other apps work, despite of the state mask 0x4000)

This makes input to prompt impossible. It's not ret for sawfish,
and you can't terminate input!

I'm beginning to think that this is the most important goal for 1.7,
but for the time being, I won't commit myself to it. (Anyway, I don't
know X, so I'm wondering what should be done. Learn X from scratch?)

Teika (Teika kazura)

On Wed, 2 Sep 2009 22:34:11 +0300, Timo Korvola wrote:
> Does it occur if you pull the branch "mouse" from my repository at h at 
>  It reverts support for mouse 
> buttons 6-9.

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