Re: My current todos

> Hi. Let me list my todo items for 1.6.0.
> Higher priority (deadline: end of october)
> * Refine 1.5.0 news which is too terse.
> * Finish my patch for 'loadpath' enhancement. It enables sawfish lisp
>   directory 'overlays'. User can put test or custom lisp codes in
>   their directories, and they are preferred over /usr/share/.../lisp.
>   It will be really convenient both for user and developer.
>   (Throw in drastic dev codes under overlay, and run in Xnest / Xephyr.
>   No need to be root each time.)

This sounds like a very good idea.

>   Also in trunk version, some files under ~/.sawfish/lisp/sawfish are
>   read, but not all, and the condition which files are read can't be
>   seen until you actually try it. Lessor one is easy to achieve,
>   though. Move the line which sets loadpath in lisp/sawfish/wm.jl to
>   the very top, and you're done. All but wm.jl can be read from
>   anywhere. (wm.jl is the first lisp file read by sawfish WM.)
>   Mine aims to read from an environment variable, and enable patched
>   wm.jl too. Today my patch works only for 1 directory, and not of the
>   quality to be commited yet.
> * Catch up what's happened. I'm quite out-dated. Dynamic viewport,
>   desktop menu creation script...
> * Review todo list more.
> ordinary: (deadline: 1.6 release)
> * Refine news for 1.6. Supplement docs for new features, if any lacks
>   (I hope not :)
> for 1.7 or later:
> * Read mmc patches.
> * Understand buttons > 5 problem.
> Daily, not to be scheduled:
> * Analyze questionnaire answers. (Thanks all!)
> * Sanitize doc and wiki more. (Big bang, if ever, will be after 1.6)
> Comments are welcome, but I don't think I can expand this list. My
> power is limited :/
> By the way, "mmc" is done by Michal Maruska, right?


Thanks a lot for all your efforts Teika, I just installed 1.5 and
everything works with my settings that I had with 1.3. This kind of
stability is really great to see!


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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