Re: rename-window far from beeing perfect

Am Montag, den 14.09.2009, 18:56 +0300 schrieb Timo Korvola:
> The entire rename-window feature is something like a bug.  It is  
> forbidden in the ICCCM for the wm to change WM_NAME and other such 
> properties written by the client (see 4.1.2 Client Properties, first 
> paragraph).  _NET_WM_NAME is part of EWMH and not in the ICCCM, but 
> because _NET_WM_NAME is intended as a UTF-8 replacement for WM_NAME, it 
> would seem reasonable to expect the same behaviour.

Well, sawfish on it's own doesn't break ICCCM, only if the user forces
it. The real problem are windows changing their title or windows with
strange titles, if you ask me.

I mean, take Exaile (my favourite Audioplayer / Amarok of the GNOME
Users) for example: 

- Track name in OSD
- Track name in StatusIcon ToolTip 
- Track name in Playlist
- Track name in Collection List
- Track name above the Playlist

- So why is it the 6th (!) time in the titlebar? 

I know I may send a patch to fix Exaile, but if I would do that for
every "missbehaving" app, I'll end up only patching.

Or windows having a "progressbar" in their title, especially Discburning
apps tend to do so, this is horrible.

Another example are GNOME apps, which don't display their names in the
title, but their *description*, eg.: "Texteditor" instead of "GEdit" or
"Mediaplayer" instead of "Totem".

So `rename-window' comes in handy here, as it makes the *title*bar
contain the *title* - if it would fully work -, perhaps It's just me
beeing too narrow-minded for this kind of *title*bar.


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