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hi everybody,

Anybody else out there using sawfish on a tablet?

Using a tablet with sawfish poses some challenges. For starters, it is
difficult to issue button 2 commands, and I have to flip the pen to do
button 3. Also, once the screen is rotated (from pc to tablet mode)
windows are outside the screen, partially, or completely, and frequently
icons on the right of the window bar are outside the screen.

For some time I have wanted to look at the way themes work. My goal was
to hack a theme for a tablet, which has very different requirements, ie:

* Title bar buttons should be to the left
* Avoid the use of second and third buttons

I spent some time yesterday and discovered the mx-flat theme. It is very
configurable. With a little bit of work I got what I needed.

Following is the customization code (put it in your lisp/rc).

;; set the mxflat for the tablet use

(setq mxflat:customize-buttons t)
(setq mxflat:iconify-button-position -9)
(setq mxflat:maximize-button-position -8)
(setq mxflat:close-button-position -4)
(setq mxflat:border-width-focused 3)

(setq configure-button-keymap
	(bind-keys (make-keymap)
		"Button1-Off" 'dmg-move-current-window-inside
		"Button3-Off" '(call-command
			(lambda ()
				(if mxflat:custom-title
					(setq mxflat:custom-title nil)
					(setq mxflat:custom-title t)
				;(reframe-windows-with-style 'mxflat)
				(map-windows refresh-window)


You might notice the use of the command
dmg-move-current-window-inside. Here it is.

Attachment: after-rotate.jl
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Daniel M. German         
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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