Re: fdo-menu?

Jeremy Hankins wrote:
matthew <matth love gmail com> writes:

I think the problem is the Categories line, which should read:


that is with an equal-sign after Categories, and semi-colons between
the entries, instead of colons...

That fixed the problem; apps-menu is generated and no errors are
reported while doing so.  Probably the best thing would be for fdo-menu
to generate warnings for garbled desktop files and then ignore them.  If
desktop files are provided by the package (as they are in Debian, at
least) they could conceivably be arbitrarily garbled.  One hopes the
package maintainer will Do It Right, but.... ;)

Yes, this is true, I think ill try to make a better validator for them, currently to validate the file, it just checks for the [Desktop Entry] value as the first line. I'll see what i can do.

Thanks for the help

Matthew Love

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