Re: fdo-menu?

Jeremy Hankins wrote:
Something recently (within the past 11 commits) started crashing sawfish
on me when I start it.  I'm still trying to figure out what the problem
is and exactly where it came in, but in the mean time I noticed this

error in local config--> (bad-arg #<closure 1d10950> -3 2)

This started showing up with the "partial rewrite of fdo-menu" on Sep
6.  At first I thought this error was the reason for sawfish failing to
start up since it was the last message before sawfish died, but
apparently not: I can run the Sep 6th version without any problem, and I
don't notice any difference other than the presence of this error
message.  The message shows up even if I move my .sawfishrc and .sawfish
out of the way.

I'd pursue it farther, but I'm still trying to figure out why sawfish
isn't starting up for me, so I thought I'd just mention it.

I'm guessing it is related to the 'trim-end function...
    (defun trim-end (string)
       ((string= (aref string (- (length string) 3)) 37)
	(substring string 0 (- (length string) 4)))
	(substring string 0 (- (length string) 1)))))

as i think that is the only function that could produce a negative number as the argument, if the length of the string were 2 or less.
It might be that a record in one of your .desktop files is incorrect(?),

try the following if you can start sawfish with a custom menu, or by setting 'use-fdo-menu to nil, using the latest sawfish from git:

- open your sawfish-client
- enter:
	(require 'sawfish.wm.ext.fdo-menu)
- enter:
- [check the apps-menu, just in case :)] - it should be blank if (update-saw-menu) failed
- enter:
-- This should output a list of the .desktop entries in order of them being generated.
-- Check the last entry
-- The failure would have occured at the entry after the last one displayed in *loc-menu*, which will not be displayed.
- enter:
(directory-files "/usr/share/applications") ; or whichever directory you are using for .desktop files - Find the entry that comes after the last entry in *loc-menu*. That should be your offending file.

If all that works, could you post the .desktop file that gets a failure?


Matthew Love

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