Re: problem with interactive move/resize when cursor is away

Hi Matthew,

Matthew Love <matth love gmail com> writes:

> I think i found the problem, or rather the solution, as I'm not too
> familiar with X protocol.
> Change the following in the move-resize-by-key-cursor.jl file:
> On line 71 change (allow-events 'sync-both) to (allow-events
> 'async-both)
> and do the same to line 85, reload the (move-resize-by-key-cursor.jl),
> then all should be is here anyway.

unfortunately, changing that doesn't solve the problem for me; the
behaviour is the same: when i start moving (or resizing) the window, it
jumps away from the cursor, in order (it seems) to recover their
original relative position... if the pointer is already near the center
of the window, that causes little disturbance; but main is usually
exiled to a corner of the screen.

i've tried with different input focus modes (click, enter, etc.), just
trying to guess what's different in my side, but it (mis)behaves the

(i'm using 1.6.0 from the git repo).

thanks a lot for your help, though.


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