Re: Suggestion on resolution change.

teika lavabit com (2009-10-31 at 1324.01 +0900):
> Even if there's (edge-flip-update), users have to call it manually
> until we support xrandr, which we don't have at all now. (And replace
> Xinerama? ... ;/ )

Sorry to sneak in, but I wonder what are you refering to, as git grep
-i xrandr (yet another grep method ;] ) says there is something about
Xrandr already.

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If resolutions can be changed per screen in RandR, then we need
> complete rewritement?
> According to Wikipedia, RandR still relies on xinerama, though the
> latter is deprecated. Ehh, a conundrum.

Wikipedia could be wrong.


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