reboot/shutdown menu entries for non-GNOME/KDE users

Hi all,

I just added reboot/shutdown menu entries for non GNOME/KDE users

root-menu -> session -> [here]

here are the instructions how to setup sudo to let non-root users
be able to call `shutdown' (only applies to `shutdown' binary, no other


reboot/shutdown from root-menu

The sawfish root-menu has a session sub-menu which allows you
to reboot and/or shutdown your machine. If you use GNOME or KDE,
no additional work by you is required. But if you use sawfish
standalone, you have to make sure that you're allowed to execute
`shutdown', there are several ways to achieve that, the suggested
approach is to use sudo combined with a group called shutdown:

;; add a new group called `shutdown'
groupadd shutdown

;; add user to the `shutdown' group
adduser misterx shutdown

;; add the group `shutdown' to sudoers
  ;; add the following:
  %shutdown ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown

That's it, now everyone in the shutdown group can do it!


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