Viewport scrambling

I've pushed my latest viewport branch to the server.

It should fix the two bugs in the previous push, as well as another bug
due to a typo.  Also, since fixing the bug about maximizing windows in
both directions had me going through sawfish.wm.util.rects (which I'd
never looked at before) I went ahead and added a node to
man/sawfish.texi on it.

If it turns out that the current-head function is viewport-aware (though
I rather doubt it) I should remove the window-head-any-viewport
function.  But for now it's in there as well.

Please test, especially if you've got multiple heads.  A lot of the
stuff I was changing had to do with managing multiple heads, and I can't
test any of that myself.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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