Re: NEWS on 1.6.0, crash fix... semi-fix (if you create and quickly delete a window sawfish will segfault)

On Friday 09 October 2009 23:05:44 Janek Kozicki wrote:
> We can see that windows.c:534 calls Fcall_window_hook() with
> an uninitialised argument.

It is initialized but w->id may be zero if the window has disappeared 
and error_handler has been run.  So it is probably good to check it like 
you did in the patch.

>   warning: failed to allocate a window

That is because your patch returns null from add_window instead of w.  
In this case add_window should probably return w and map_request should 
check for WINDOW_IS_GONE_P before mapping the window.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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