NEWS on 1.6.0

Hi all,

Half of the time for Sawfish 1.6 has passed, so it's time for some news
for those who didn't follow the HEAD.

(refer to ChangeLog/NEWS to know who is responsible for what)

* Removed built-in Audio Support
	- Instead we rely on an extern playbin ("/usr/bin/paplay")
	- important customization options:
		° audio-events-enabled (bool)
		° play-sample-program
			^ there's more, check OPTIONS ("audio options")
	- So we got rid of ESounD and LibAudioFile dependencies
		° Sawfish is now Deprecated-GNOME-Cruft free
			^ Project Ridley finished for Sawfish

* Themes in tar.xz and tar.lzma formats are now supported (librep .90.1)

* SawfishUI ("sawfish-ui") is now SawfishConfig ("sawfish-config")
	- modules moved from sawfish.ui.* to sawfish.cfg.*

* SawfishConfig non-ASCII string issue has been fixed
	- bug in librep < .90.2

* An own implementation of the FDO Applicationmenu is now shipped
	- it's automagically beeing used
		° if there's no customized apps-menu

* SawfishConfig/Sawfish UI improvements
	- GtkColorButton instead of semi-deprecated widget-combination
	- GtkLinkButton instead of custom widget
	- Revamped the Root and Window menus
	- GtkSpinButton (type :number) now support
		° an initial value
		° negative values all the way
	- Grab-Button and Labels justified left in match-window dialog

* SawfishConfig Config improvements
	- New Window Matchers
		° new-viewport
			^ open window on it's own VP
		° new-workspace
			^ open window on it's own WS
		° fullscreen
			^ make window fullscreen on map
		° fullscreen-xinerama
			^ make window fullscreen-xinerama on map
		° window-name
			^ change the WM_NAME and WM_ICON props
				+ this is not ICCCM compliant
		° keymap-trans
			^ convert keystrokes
				+ eg press C-e but window receives W-e
				+ unchangeable bindings = gone
	- Ability to change font-colors theme-independently

* Reduced GNOME-Specific Code to the minimum
	- brakes GNOME 1.x support
		° and perhaps very very early 2.x (<2.2)
			^ which got so or so is broken with 1.5 somehow

* Added KDE-Integration Module
	- exact equivalent of the GNOME-Integration Module

* When entering a different WS it's now possible to display it's name
	- like in Enlightenment DR17

* New Frame Classes (for Theme-Creators)
	- lock-button
	- sticky-button
	- rename-button
	- move-resize-button
	- raise-lower-button

This is just an overview, there's more (also check librep and rep-gtk)!

Feature Freeze begins on 6th December 2009 (~ 20 o'clock CEST).

Get your new features/request done until when, then let's squash bugs.

Sawfish 1.6.0 will be released on 22nd December 2009

Along with rep-gtk 0.90.1 and either librep 0.90.3 or 0.90.4 on the 20th
December 2009.


Have a lot of fun (and spread the word),

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