Re: ChangeLog -> git log?

Thanks, German. Can I ask more?

1. It may not be your case, but if people have different branches,
which should be the date of hand-written ChangeLog? The day git commit
is done, or the day merge to the trunk is done? With the former, you
can easily see the relation between ChangeLog item and git/svn log
counterpart.  With the latter, suppose you want to see what happend
recently, and it suffices to read the some first lines, through the
items you've met last time.

# By the way, I put
 alias PG='git tag -f pull; git pull'
So after pull, I can see the change with 'git log pull..'

2. Commit log is more firmly attached to the change. When you done git
/ svn blame, first you see is the commit log. So it should talk more
verbosely then ChangeLog, like why the commit is desired, what lied
behind, etc. And manual ChangeLog is more concise. (So when you do
git-pull / svn update, first you read will be ChangeLog.) Am I right,
do you think?

Teika (Teika kazura)

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