cycle all windows / viewport only / workspace only


Currently we can set in SawfishConfig what is the behaviour of
"Cycle windows", by clicking "Include windows on all
workspaces/viewports when cycling"

It would be great if someone (me?) added two more functions:

- cycle windows in workspace only
- cycle windows in viewport only

That is because sometimes I want to cycle across everything across my
40+ viewports, and sometimes I want to cycle only current viewport.

Launching SawfishConfig each time only to toggle this variable seems

Alternatively a keybinding to quickly toggle this variable would make
sense. Hmm, that should be possible now... but I don't even know how
to negate a variable in lisp :) Berhaps I would bind this shell
command to some key (what is the variable name?):

sawfish-client -f (set variable (not variable) )

or such. My lisp is terrible, I know.

best regards
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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