on viewport; doc review request & questions

(to: sawfish-list cc: jeremy)
Hi, I've done some work on viewport, especially in doc. 

Will you have time to review info manual on viewport, especially
dynamic viewport section? I know it's not complete, but I won't go
much further for 1.6.

Doc on window-absolute-position was wrong. It returns the position
as if the window's VP is selected. Does it affect any of your code?

It seems to me that window-relative-position can simply be replaced
with window-position. Am I right? (If it's so, doc on window-position
has to describe it.)

I've renamed viewport-offset to viewport-offset-pixel.

Today I asked Chris to pull my branch, so wait for a day or two. Or
you can fetch it with:

git remote add gitorious git gitorious org:sawfish/sawfish.git
git fetch gitorious
git branch --track teika gitorious/master
git checkout teika

You can make info by:
makeinfo  -I . sawfish.texi -o sawfish.info
in man/

Teika (Teika kazura)

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