Gnome support status

(was: Re: {IMPORTANT] README, Sawfish 1.6.0)

On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 08:02:11 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> Am Sat, 14 Nov 2009 12:58:15 +0900 (JST)
>> could you give description on the status of gnome support
>> in news.texi? (What is exactly the "minimum support"?)
> The skip-tasklist window-matcher was dropped. Only used by GNOME and
> only in ancient versions. (don't mix with tasklist-skip, which is the
> way to go and of course still supported)

I don't find tasklist-skip in the master branch, by git-grep, but it's

> Updated all commands for non-ancient GNOME
> [...]
> Removed all other now unneeded stuff from gnome-int

Previously, wm/commands/gnome.jl and wm/state/gnome.jl existed, but
the current trunk doesn't have them. It doesn't appear to me that any
gnome "updated command" exist in Sawfish.

* So archaic stuffs are dropped, but "update" doesn't exist?
* previous commands/gnome and state/gnome are obsolete?

I've attached the current patch for news.texi.

Thank you very much for your prev & next explanations.
Teika (Teika kazura)

diff --git a/man/news.texi b/man/news.texi
index 1de4c4e..399d090 100644
--- a/man/news.texi
+++ b/man/news.texi
@@ -187,16 +187,17 @@ window name is not supposed to be changed in ICCCM.
 @item Improve position matcher to bind a window to a position (either @code{center} @code{east} @code{north} @code{north-east} @code{north-west} @code{south} @code{south-east} @code{south-west} @code{west}) OR to a user-given position [Jeremy Hankins]
- item GNOME integration updates
+ item GNOME integration updates [Christopher Bratusek]
-Commands are updated for more recent GNOME. GNOME Integration is
-trimmed down to the minimum. [Christopher Bratusek]
+Commands are updated for more recent GNOME. Ancient features are
+dropped, namely @code{skip-tasklist} for ``Matched Windows'' (but
+tasklist-skip is supported), gnome-capplet, and gnome-menu.
-GNOME-Detection is updated. [Alexey I. Froloff]
+In @code{session} submenu under Sawfish root menu, @code{Logout}- and
+ code{Shutdown from GNOME} are added. Don't remove @code{quit} and
+ code{restart} from menu.
-In sub-menu under Sawfish root menu, @code{Logout}- and @code{Shutdown
-from GNOME} are added. Don't remove @code{quit} and @code{restart}
-from menu. [Christopher Bratusek]
+GNOME-Detection is updated. [Alexey I. Froloff]
 @item KDE integration module

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