Re: How do you manage .sawfishrc ?

Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> writes:

> Hi, dear sawfish lovers. How do you manage your .sawfishrc ?

In ~/.sawfishrc, I have:

(load-file "~/repo/config/sawfishrc-common.jl")
(load-file "~/repo/config/sawfishrc-<hostname>.jl")

The first file is where I put my sawfish configs common to my work and
home workstations.

The second file is where my sawfish configs that are specific to
either my work or home workstation.

Both files are managed by a git repo, which I commit to daily.

I load an additional sawfish config file in from sawfishrc-common.jl
that contains a bunch of project-specific keybindings.  This file is
in another git repo.

Jason Dunsmore

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