Re: How do you manage .sawfishrc ?

Teika Kazura wrote:
> Hi, dear sawfish lovers. How do you manage your .sawfishrc ?
> Mine is:
> * All are recorded by subverison. (I didn't know git.)

I keep mine in a Darcs repository.  I just took a peek and my initial
import was July 13, 2004.

My .emacs.d and ~/bin are also in their own repositories (since right
around the same time, too).  A little unrelated but my .bashrc and
.inputrc and whatnot are kept in the ~/bin repository, too.

I'm horrible about remembering to commit changes anymore, though.  I
have so many commits with a comment like "oops!  haven't commited in a
long time!"

> * .sawfish/rc is minimum, and the rest is put in 
>   ~/.sawfish/lisp/sawfish/my . (It should be so, but in reality,
>   they lie in ~/.sawfish/lisp/sawfish/wm/ext . I began this by mimicking
>   pager.jl)

My .sawfishrc is nothing but a bunch of requires.   Very few things in
my ~/.sawfish/lisp were written by me.

I'm nearly worthless when it comes to writing code in anything that
resembles lisp...  I'm crazy enough that my most complex .jl file calls
a perl script that runs sawfish-client.

> * All are byte compiled. This detects some syntax errors which sometimes
>   survives code testing, even though they aren't so big.

I used to byte compile everything, but I don't think I'd ever notice the
difference :).

> * ~/.sawfish/custom is under SVN control, too. Because the line order
>   changes each time, I take diff after 'sort'-ing. A bit paranoiac,
>   but careless look'n'feel changes, mainly due to testing new codes,
>   can annoy.

Mine is under revision control as well.  I used to have a script that
flattened custom out just in case I wanted to cherry pick changes.
Enough years went by without wanting to that I stopped bothering.

Over time I've been relying less on custom.  Most of my old keybindings
that I defined in sawfish-ui have been (slowly!) moving into my keymap.jl.

> * New code snippet is first written in scratch.jl, which grows up as
>   code piles. Emacs users can feed the code to the sawfish with
>   sawfish-mode.

If you've got anything useful in there please don't hide it from the
rest of us :)


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