Re: open xterms on different viewport

fetchinson googlemail com (2009-05-01 at 1915.03 -0700):
> Hi folks,
> I'm using one workspace with several viewports (or virtual workspaces)

Viewports are not workspaces. :] In this case it can even make things
easier with some programs.

> What I would like to do is open an xterm on one viewport and another
> one on another viewport, all in one go (attached to a keyboard
> shortcut or have a menu item for it, doesn't really matter).
> How would I do this? I guess I need to write a lisp function for it,
> but what would this be?

If your apps support geometry commands in X11 style, you can launch
them with parameters like +2000+0 or +0-2000 (values bigger than your
monitor resolution). xterms do, others do not. At worst case you will
have to write a function to check where you viewport currently is, and
adjust the params accordingly.

If your apps do not support the params (or you used workspaces) you
would had to code some kind of temp window matcher ("one launch
only"), and cross fingers so it works, because some programs do not
set right all things at launch time (titles that change half second
after mapping the window, _NET/WM/etc props with wrong values, etc).


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