Re: open xterms on different viewport

>> I'm using one workspace with several viewports (or virtual workspaces)
> Viewports are not workspaces. :] In this case it can even make things
> easier with some programs.
> [...]
>> What I would like to do is open an xterm on one viewport and another
>> one on another viewport, all in one go (attached to a keyboard
>> shortcut or have a menu item for it, doesn't really matter).
>> How would I do this? I guess I need to write a lisp function for it,
>> but what would this be?
> If your apps support geometry commands in X11 style, you can launch
> them with parameters like +2000+0 or +0-2000 (values bigger than your
> monitor resolution). xterms do, others do not. At worst case you will
> have to write a function to check where you viewport currently is, and
> adjust the params accordingly.

Since I only need this with xterm, geometry will do it. I didn't think
it would be this easy, great, I'll give it a shot.


> If your apps do not support the params (or you used workspaces) you
> would had to code some kind of temp window matcher ("one launch
> only"), and cross fingers so it works, because some programs do not
> set right all things at launch time (titles that change half second
> after mapping the window, _NET/WM/etc props with wrong values, etc).

Psss, psss, put it down! -

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