Re: Annoying mouse binding problem

I have investigated my problem further. If you have forgotten what
it's about, don't worry, I'll explain.

What seems to happen is this: Starting at some time (typically after
unlocking xlock in the morning), sawfish can no longer see button
presses arriving in a window. It sees them in the root window, the
frame and title bar including the sawfish buttons, but I can define
bindings for button presses in the window till I'm blue in the face
and sawfish will never act on them, and the events go to the window
below. Same thing with global button bindings: they are seen by
sawfish in every context except windows.

So forget what I said earlier about Button6. That seems to be a red
herring; it's mouse buttons in general.

What is odd is that restarting sawfish does not help. As far as I know
that causes sawfish to exec() itself, right? So if any internal
datastructure is messed up, a restart should cure the problem. But
clearly, workspace and window configurations are kept across such a
restart, so I suppose that info is stored on the server. Might
information about event masks and the like also be stored on the

- Harald

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