Re: Annoying mouse binding problem

Harald Hanche-Olsen <hanche math ntnu no> writes:
> What seems to happen is this: Starting at some time (typically after
> unlocking xlock in the morning), sawfish can no longer see button
> presses arriving in a window.

In any window or some particular window?

> What is odd is that restarting sawfish does not help. As far as I know
> that causes sawfish to exec() itself, right?


> But clearly, workspace and window configurations are kept across
> such a restart, so I suppose that info is stored on the server.

Basic window configuration such as location, size and stacking order
is maintained on the X server.  Additional configuration such as
workspace numbers can be stored on the server in X window properties.
You can have a look with xprop(1).  See also
lisp/sawfish/wm/state/{gnome.jl,wm-spec.jl}.  X properties are not to
be confused with lisp window property lists that are internal to

> Might information about event masks and the like also be stored on
> the server?

Event masks maintained by the X server are associated with display
connections and hence do not survive a Sawfish restart.  The same goes
for passive key and button grabs installed by Sawfish for redirecting
the events of window keymaps to itself.

You might try checking (window-get <affected window> 'keymap) and the
global variable window-keymap in sawfish-client.  If the window keymap
looks OK, there might be some problem with grabs.  Unfortunately grabs
are rather difficult to debug.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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