Re: Tabs, the notes

ramestica nrao edu (2009-03-19 at 0004.37 -0400):
> Are standalone windows members of a single window tab group? I still 
> think that a tab should exist only when 2 or more windows are tabbed 
> together. My impression is that this would alleviate the logic in the 
> windows manager itself and themes.

I have to look at it, whatever is simpler.

> My impression is that the current implementation suffers of some display  
> artifacts. For example, when you move a tabbed group you get the 
> impression that indeed you are moving a very heavy thing, like if the 
> position of every window in the group is updated one after the other. It 
> should  not be like that. It is only the top window the one that is 
> displayed together with the tab's decoration, the other windows should 
> remain effectively dormant/hidden.

Yes, that is what I am trying to say as "this could be a good
method". Tests will tell.

> My naive understanding is that propagating shared attributes to hidden 
> windows is just a matter of coping their values to lisp variables, 
> without real display updates. Those windows are effectively hidden. 
> Therefore, I do not see a cause of concern for useless updates. Perhaps, 
> there is something of sawfish I'm not understanding here.

A window is moved to a workspace, and then again to the next. Or the
user moves a window around, then decides to move again to slightly
adjust. Or is using grow pack commands.

By delaying the update, you only have to push the info that matters
and only at the end. And most important, you are not doing ops when
something else should take preference. Unresponsive systems are not

But that can be left for later, for now updates can be done as soon as
they happen, and then check if the load is huge or not.

>> - Side projects:
>> Nicks, so tabs can use nickname instead of title (theme will decide
>> what to show in the part). There are different scripts that would also
>> benefit, like those that focus window based in names.
> What do you mean by a side project? For me is a very intrinsic feature of 
> tabbing the ability to name them as I please while keeping their titles  
> untouched. Leaving this feature open to be implemented by themes as they 
> please will translate into different behavior at the moment one changes 
> across different themes. Not very desirable from my point of view. I do 
> not see a big issue on adding the nick name variable and setter and 
> getter functions at the base implementation of the tabs.

Well, the idea is that nicks can be used for many more things. Side
project means on parallel, not trashed idea and not tabs only. ;] And
no, it should not be themes, but something generic, so themes, menus,
window selector scripts or anything can use it.


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