New default apps-menu?

I think that there has been some discussion about tweaking a bit the
default configuration for sawfish.
I have some suggestions regarding the apps-menu.

The current one looks like this (lisp/wm/menus.jl)


  (defvar apps-menu
    `(("xterm" (system "xterm &"))
      ("Emacs" (system "emacs &"))
      ("Netscape" (system "netscape &"))
      ("The GIMP" (system "gimp &"))
      ("XFIG" (system "xfig &"))
      ("GV" (system "gv &"))
      ("xcalc" (system "xcalc &"))))


Most of the programs are not very useful for most of the people.
My suggestion is to turn it into something similar to this:


  (defvar apps-menu
    `(("_Terminal" (xterm))
      ("_Web Browser" (system "$BROWSER &"))
      ("_File Browser" (system "xdg-open ~ &"))
      ("_Emacs" (system "emacs &"))
      ("The _GIMP" (system "gimp &"))
      ("_Soundmixer" (xterm "alsamixer"))
      ("x_calc" (system "xcalc &"))))


What do you think? Any ideas? Does the $BROWSER thing do the trick in
your computers?
Perhaps the ideal thing would be to have an entry in sawfish-ui,
somehow, to make it be easily customizable.

PS: btw... the usage of the "selfdefined xterm" function in my example
menu seems to be wrong. How was the generic xterm function
implemented? is it a need to require "sawfish.wm.commands.xterm" to
load it?


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