Re: [README] New default keybindings [second attempt]

Hi ^^
I think this is a nice idea. Current defaults are quite uncomfortable.

Why don't we use the "Super/Hyper" key (the one with the -sigh-
windows logo) for some bindings?
Nowadays, any keyboard that you buy has this key. And I think it is
nice for wm bindings. H-d is easy to press, and it is already the
default[1] in Openbox, for example (not sure of the other wms).


Also, another action that in my opinion is very important is the
window menu popup, a keybinding for this is very useful. Most wms
(Windows, Gnome, XFCE, Openbox...) use the M-space keybinding for it.

I find the window menu very useful because with it you won't need
Maximize/Minimice/Stacking keybindings, since you can use "M-space x /
n / k u" etc, chained shortcuts like in Emacs.

Also, I think that there is needed a keybinding for opening an xterm
(I suggest M-F1), or at least, for the apps menu (maybe W-E, for
Execute, easy to type). Because if you first run the default sawfish
without any panel or launcher you won't be able to open anything
except middle clicking the desktop (which is not very comfortable
sometimes, and it's not a direct link to the apps menu).

Also, perhaps the default entries for the apps menu should also be
changed (NETSCAPE? eterm? that's totally non standard!) it should
better open the default terminal (using the xterm sawfish command) and
perhaps use ""(system "$BROWSER &")"" to open the default browser.

Also maybe give undelined _ letters for keyboard access to the apps
menu like "W" for "_Web Browser" and "E" for "Emacs".

Fernando Carmona

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