Re: Tabs

Sorry for the late reply...

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 1:01 AM, GSR - FR wrote:
> Well, I went what it Sawfish style: if theme does not support
> something, it probably works (iconify function, ie), you just do not
> get the visual feature (iconify button). Themes are already not caring
> about side frames (any nextstep look alike) or titles (zerobaby) or
> all kind of button combinations (only a few show all buttons or allow
> configuring them). ;]

I agree.
As long as keystrokes can be used, the feature is still useful.

>> 4. (minor point) Window cycling. It seems more natural that window
>> cycling treats a tab group as one, but some people may prefer that
>> each tabbed window also gets cycled.
> Good point, so we have remember to provide the option. Implementation
> can be done by temporarily removing from cycle list or checking in
> cycle if the window is not front one for a tab group.

I think that a better solution would be to provide a new command
"cycle-tabgroups" that cycles between the top members of each group.

This way, it would be still possible to have both methods bound to
different key shortcuts, and we will get rid of new conditional

In fact, I believe that "cycle-groups"/"cycle-classes" would also be a
great addition (it will be almost as useful as the tabs), since
currently there's only cycle commands to cycle inside a group or
inside a class, but not between the top members of different


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