Re: sawfish-client and errors on ubuntu

Timo Korvola wrote:
Rafal Kolanski <rafalk cse unsw edu au> writes:
I would like to redirect the sawfish-client errors to somewhere else
but can't seem to manage it.

sawfish-client -f quit; sleep 5; sawfish > somewhere-else.log 2>&1 &

Your desktop may be unusable without a window manager, so it is best
to do this in one line.  The sleep is there to ensure that Sawfish has
time to quit properly.

Thank you Timo! That makes things a bit more workable :)

I still maintain that it would be nicer if the errors actually came back to sawfish-client. Currently I pulled together a quick hack in vim that does the emacs thing for C-x C-e by just passings things to sawfish-client -e. If anyone is interested, I can share.

(I'll upgrade as soon as I figure out how to make debian packages
for librep),

You might want to have a peek at

Will do!

Thanks again,


Rafal Kolanski.

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