Re: [Patch] fix non-english letters in root-menu -> windows and window-menu->In group issue

Hi Teika,

>>>>> Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> writes:

    > Hi, Wang Diancheng, thanks for great patch. Most are ok.  Tell me,
    > in librep patch you included some macros, but for what? They don't
    > seem necessary, and have (minor) some shortcomings as described
    > below, they may be deleted.

These macro can be removed, now. I left them here, just because I want
to provde more utf-8 related functions if needed in future. Anyway I
will send another patch to cleanup the code.

    > There's a misleading point in UTF8_LENGTH. There (Char) takes ucs
    > (or Unicode 'codepoint' in more slack terminology) arg, unlike
    > other 'Char's, which are a real byte. And UTF8_LENGTH converts ucs
    > Char to length in bytes in utf-8 representation, right? We don't
    > seem to need this macro.

    > On the other hand, UTF8_GET can be used to check the validity,
    > that is, it can check if the given string is really utf-8, so may
    > be of use. (More precisely, if it returns -1, then it's not utf-8,
    > but nothing can be said otherwise.) Anyway, because sawfish
    > doesn't handle so many strings, we don't need inline function, so
    > if it is to be rewritten (currently not necessary), it can be
    > implemented as a usual function.

    > Lastly, let me ask a question on copyright notice. You say that
    > you borrowed codes from glib, but "This file some code come from
    > glib:" is enough as copyright notice for GPL'd work?

Because many code come from glib, glib's copyright is GPL, in fact, I
don't know how to process this situation, suggestion and patch welcome! :)

    > Thanks a lot!

    > Teika (Teika kazura)

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