Re: [Patch] fix non-english letters in root-menu -> windows and window-menu->In group issue

Hi, Wang Diancheng, thanks for great patch. Most are ok.

Tell me, in librep patch you included some macros, but for what? They
don't seem necessary, and have (minor) some shortcomings as described
below, they may be deleted.

There's a misleading point in UTF8_LENGTH. There (Char) takes ucs (or
Unicode 'codepoint' in more slack terminology) arg, unlike other
'Char's, which are a real byte. And UTF8_LENGTH converts ucs Char to
length in bytes in utf-8 representation, right? We don't seem to need
this macro.

On the other hand, UTF8_GET can be used to check the validity, 
that is, it can check if the given string is really utf-8, so
may be of use. (More precisely, if it returns -1, then it's not
utf-8, but nothing can be said otherwise.) Anyway, because sawfish
doesn't handle so many strings, we don't need inline function, so if
it is to be rewritten (currently not necessary), it can be implemented
as a usual function.

Lastly, let me ask a question on copyright notice. You say that you
borrowed codes from glib, but "This file some code come from glib:" is
enough as copyright notice for GPL'd work?

Thanks a lot!

Teika (Teika kazura)

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