Re: Ignore global hotkeys

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 06:01:09PM +0600, Sergey I. Sharybin wrote:

> Sorry for my delay.
> I meant global key bindings in Sawfish, which you can configure in the
> 'Bindings' tab of Sawfish configurator. For example such bindings as Alt-Tab,
> Alt-F4 and so on.
> I want to make this bindings disabled if VirtualBox's windows is focused to
> make this bindings be handled by guest OS (now if I press Alt-Tab combination
> when Windows is started in VirtualBox I'll switch between windows on my host
> Linux, not between windows of guest Windows).

That's the behaviour I'm looking for, too.

I suspect there is a better way to do it, since metacity
already behaves this way.  I.e., an Alt-TAB, Alt-F4, etc. with
the VirtualBox window focused go to the VirtualBox application
and are handled by the guest OS.  I doubt metacity recognizes
a VirtualBox window as special, unless it recognizes some
request made by the window itself.  Or am I wrong?


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