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On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 11:10:24 +0200
Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> wrote:

> On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:11:28 +0900 (JST)
> Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> wrote:
> > Hi.
> > 
> > Infitine-desktop (ID hereafter) is adopted in sawfish-1.5.  Though
> > it's a very attractive feature, incorporation to the sawfish is not
> > complete. Let me describe how it is so, and how it can be
> > improved. (Though a bit tedious task, mainly aesthetic.)  Tell me
> > how you think of them.
> > 
> > WS = workspace, VP = viewport
> > 
> > ID has in fact two funcitons, smooth-scroll of desktop by mouse and
> > unlimiting desktop size. The option 'infitine-desktop-p', enables
> > both. There's another option
> > 'infinite-desktop.stop-at-workspace-borders' to restore the desktop
> > size. But infitine-desktop-p should be replaced by, say,
> > "smooth-scroll-by-mouse", and size should be set as VP option.
> Mainly I would say, we remove the scrolling feature and rely on
> edge-flip (EF) for this (if possible).
> > I deliberately used the word "desktop" instead of "viewport".
> > Because the notion of current VP is a bit confusing when ID is
> > involved.
> > 
> > How can they be united? Let's look at the Configurator. Currently, 
> > Section "Workspaces" has three subsections, viewport, edge-flip, and
> > ID. I think one is enough, named "Desktop size", and it lists
> > options:
> > * Enlargement of desktop size (aka viewport)
> >  * No limit (infinite)
> >  * x by y (unit in screen)
> > * What happens when mouse pointer hits the screen edge?
> >  * Do nothing.
> >  * Go next WS.
> >  * Scroll desktop by one screen size. (Next VP)
> >  * Smooth scroll the desktop.
> The former should be Go next VP, the later should be an extra option
> "Animate WS/VP Switch" + "Animation Steps"
> > * Un-iconify in the current screen. (No restores to the original
> > location.) And current edge-flip and ID options appear according to
> > the last item.
> > 
> > The current option "Number of steps for viewport scrolling" can be
> > made obsolete, and fixed to 1.
> > 
> No it can't be (yet). This option is (currently) for EF only, by
> removing it, we would loose animated switching with traditional EF,
> that is not desired.
> There's one more thing to do with ID/EF: They don't work correctly at
> the same time
> a) I would say we separate the animated scrolling thing in a
> sawfish.wm.animation.viewport-scrolling,
> b) ID and EF disable each other
> c) or -as an option- we could merge ID and EF, this would fix the
> issue, too (more options, okay, but would work)
> > This requires radio button. Radio button is avaliable from rep-gtk,
> > but not in configurator. So implementation of this idea needs
> > rework in configurator, too.
> There's a comboboxed radiogroupwidget in sawfish-ui (like for the
> focus-style) 
> > This may involve change in VP related definitions. I don't know how
> > VP is implemented, so I can't tell much now.
> Well VP is still VP, as far as I can remember ID also works with
> Workspaces, I'll check it later, haven't used it for a while.
> > Even if VP size is unlimited, it is possible that sawfish-pager
> > shows only some fixed part, but this is pager's option.
> I haven't checked this, but: ID does dynamically increase the size
> (when hitting the edge (that's why EF and ID don't like each other)),
> and tells sawfish about the new size (...) so sawfish.wm.ext.pager
> should be fine with that. If not we can fix that. Additionally I would
> like to integrate sawfish.wm.ext.pager in sawfish instead of shipping
> it separately. I guess there won't be enough negative votes :)
> > The change in VP definition is a bit dangerous, so the rework has to
> > be done in seprate branch. I won't work on this now, because 
> > Configurator translation issue is far more important.
> About this: you may check sawfish.gtk.widget(make-boolean-item), this
> is the meta-function for creating checkbuttons in sawfish-ui. Perhaps
> you'll find the issue there.
> > I like current VP, by scrolling one screen size. Since not few
> > people use Sawfish without mouse, abandoning it never happens,
> > don't worry friends:)
> As always: new features (like ID) in sawfish are optional, don't even
> think about of a sawfish with traditional VP removed - wasted time.
> > By the way, there's an option in ID which says: 
> > "Stop scrolling at workspace borders (Fixes warp-to-window bugs)."
> > Does anyone know what this bug is? I can't confirm it.
> Me too. I guess an older issue, fixed meanwhile in X.Org or Sawfish
> (eg: the move-cursor issue in sawfish was also caused by X.Org)

Ohhh, I can reproduce it:

a) disable traditional edge-fliping
b) enable infinte-desktop (in this order!)
c) increase the viewport size (in a direction not hitting the WS edge!)
d) repeat c) and you will switch to a different VP
e) now try to increase the VP size in the direction you just came from
f) warp-cursor fucks up infinite-desktop

more on e) if you go to the other direction, it will work just fine

> > Regards,
> > Teika (Teika kazura)
> > 
> Chris

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