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On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:11:28 +0900 (JST)
Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> wrote:

> Hi.
> Infitine-desktop (ID hereafter) is adopted in sawfish-1.5.  Though
> it's a very attractive feature, incorporation to the sawfish is not
> complete. Let me describe how it is so, and how it can be
> improved. (Though a bit tedious task, mainly aesthetic.)  Tell me how
> you think of them.
> WS = workspace, VP = viewport
> ID has in fact two funcitons, smooth-scroll of desktop by mouse and
> unlimiting desktop size. The option 'infitine-desktop-p', enables
> both. There's another option
> 'infinite-desktop.stop-at-workspace-borders' to restore the desktop
> size. But infitine-desktop-p should be replaced by, say,
> "smooth-scroll-by-mouse", and size should be set as VP option.

Mainly I would say, we remove the scrolling feature and rely on
edge-flip (EF) for this (if possible).

> I deliberately used the word "desktop" instead of "viewport". Because
> the notion of current VP is a bit confusing when ID is involved.
> How can they be united? Let's look at the Configurator. Currently, 
> Section "Workspaces" has three subsections, viewport, edge-flip, and
> ID. I think one is enough, named "Desktop size", and it lists options:
> * Enlargement of desktop size (aka viewport)
>  * No limit (infinite)
>  * x by y (unit in screen)
> * What happens when mouse pointer hits the screen edge?
>  * Do nothing.
>  * Go next WS.
>  * Scroll desktop by one screen size. (Next VP)
>  * Smooth scroll the desktop.

The former should be Go next VP, the later should be an extra option
"Animate WS/VP Switch" + "Animation Steps"

> * Un-iconify in the current screen. (No restores to the original
> location.) And current edge-flip and ID options appear according to
> the last item.
> The current option "Number of steps for viewport scrolling" can be
> made obsolete, and fixed to 1.

No it can't be (yet). This option is (currently) for EF only, by
removing it, we would loose animated switching with traditional EF,
that is not desired.

There's one more thing to do with ID/EF: They don't work correctly at
the same time

a) I would say we separate the animated scrolling thing in a

b) ID and EF disable each other

c) or -as an option- we could merge ID and EF, this would fix the
issue, too (more options, okay, but would work)

> This requires radio button. Radio button is avaliable from rep-gtk,
> but not in configurator. So implementation of this idea needs
> rework in configurator, too.

There's a comboboxed radiogroupwidget in sawfish-ui (like for the

> This may involve change in VP related definitions. I don't know how
> VP is implemented, so I can't tell much now.

Well VP is still VP, as far as I can remember ID also works with
Workspaces, I'll check it later, haven't used it for a while.

> Even if VP size is unlimited, it is possible that sawfish-pager shows
> only some fixed part, but this is pager's option.

I haven't checked this, but: ID does dynamically increase the size
(when hitting the edge (that's why EF and ID don't like each other)),
and tells sawfish about the new size (...) so sawfish.wm.ext.pager
should be fine with that. If not we can fix that. Additionally I would
like to integrate sawfish.wm.ext.pager in sawfish instead of shipping
it separately. I guess there won't be enough negative votes :)

> The change in VP definition is a bit dangerous, so the rework has to
> be done in seprate branch. I won't work on this now, because 
> Configurator translation issue is far more important.

About this: you may check sawfish.gtk.widget(make-boolean-item), this
is the meta-function for creating checkbuttons in sawfish-ui. Perhaps
you'll find the issue there.

> I like current VP, by scrolling one screen size. Since not few people
> use Sawfish without mouse, abandoning it never happens, don't worry
> friends:)

As always: new features (like ID) in sawfish are optional, don't even
think about of a sawfish with traditional VP removed - wasted time.

> By the way, there's an option in ID which says: 
> "Stop scrolling at workspace borders (Fixes warp-to-window bugs)."
> Does anyone know what this bug is? I can't confirm it.

Me too. I guess an older issue, fixed meanwhile in X.Org or Sawfish
(eg: the move-cursor issue in sawfish was also caused by X.Org)

> Regards,
> Teika (Teika kazura)


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