Re: About warp-if-necessary when cycling (Was: [ANNOUNCE] sawfish-1.5.0)

On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 5:10 PM, Christopher Roy
Bratusek<zanghar freenet de> wrote:
> I'm more than happy with current behaviour, either way, this might be
> optional and disabled by default, as I understand what you mean. I
> don't have the time currently to write that patch, so perhaps you might
> come up with one?

Hi Chris
This is something easy to do in the rc file without the need of a
special variable for it, by just using the line:
(add-hook 'after-cycle-step-hook warp-pointer-if-necessary)

I don't know if it's worth to have the option in sawfish-ui, it's just
a small detail.

However, if you want I might write the patch when I have time and then
start discussing this on the wiki.

By the way, if the current behavior was kept then the second function
call (the one at the end of the cycle) should be removed, currently
it's doing the same thing twice with no effect.


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