[NEWS] Trunk is at 1.6.0 - 1.5.0 branched

Hi all,

so after the release of sawfish-1.5.0, I've created a sawfish-1.5.0

To grab it on an existing checkout:

git checkout remotes/origin/sawfish-1.5.0

for updating the branch:

git pull origin sawfish-1.5.0

This branch will lead to the bugfix released of sawfish-1.5.0

In trunk, ... well it's HEAD now, I've bumped the version to 1.6.0, the
rep-gtk requirement to 0.90.0, the gtk+ requirement to gtk+ 2.12.0
(will apply the gcb patch from rep-gtk, now)

What's planned for 1.6.0? Well, of course anything that has not been
done from the 1.5.0s list (see Proposed Goals), patches from -mmc
[Michal said he will extract some], patches from Alexey [he said he'll
come up with some in some weeks], KDE 4 Integration [If any change is
needed, and if Timo gets it working], improvements of tabs* [needs
assignment!], infinite-desktop and warp-cursor, and well ... uhm ...
one more thing I don't want to tell you now. (...)

* some ideas from me: currently tabbed themes don't work with tabs not
  loaded, therefore we could provide a new frame-type "tabed-frame"
  similar to "title-only" for example, which is used then tabs needed
  loaded, a) raise-tabs-on-hover could listen on this and then only
  hover tabs, not normal frames, too b) the themes could work without
  tabs too. 

So far so good. If you have any bugreport, featurerequest or code to
contribute, then don't hesitate to submit it!

Thanks for reading, happy installing, and have fun!

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