problem mapping both Super and Hyper

Hello all,

I just switched from SCWM to Sawfish, but I can't setup key binding
the way I would like to.

I configured the xkb extension to generate a Super_L keysym when I
press my left Windows key, and Hyper_L when pressing CAPS.

In my .sawfishc, I have the following

(defun hyper-b3 ()
  (display-message "pressed H-button3"))

(defun super-b3 ()
  (display-message "pressed s-button3"))

(bind-keys global-keymap "Hyper-Button3-Click" hyper-b3)
(bind-keys global-keymap "Super-Button3-Click" super-b3)

Now, when I restart Sawfish and press button3 holding the CAPS key
(mapped to Hyper_L), I get a tiny window displaying "pressed
H-button3". Fine!

Unfortunately I get the same when I press button3 holding the left
Windows key.

Can anybody tell me why I can't map Hyper and Super independently?


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