Re: [IMPORTANT] Proposed Goals for next release - 1.3.6 or 1.5.0?

On Mon, 29 Dec 2008 20:22:50 +0100, Christopher Bratusek wrote:

> Either way, after re-thinking, I came to the conclusion, if the
> "raise-tab-on-hover" feature will finally work,
> this would become obsolete, 'cause:
> a) all windows are in the same frame when tabbing
> b) with "raise-tab-on-hover" they can almost be accessed as same as fast
> as if they would be displayed at once

I doubt for the item (b). I think visible widgets are much more
accessible than pop-ups. (Similar defect lies in Japanese language
input systems. They always accompany some unpredictability, and it
slows down typing.) So tiling type would be I guess better.
There's no guarantee that raise-tab-on-hover is useful enough, either.

Anyway, pseudo united-frames can easily be done by forcing positions
to all, say gimp, windows. So I agree that it is postponed, or
maybe rejected after all. If someone envisions its great advantage,
then we can embark on it again. 

As for the wiki item, please put it under 'rejected' section rather
than deleting it directly, recording the reason. Eventually it should
be collected in 'rejected todos' page.

Teika kazura

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